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Kamikaze slide

Put aside all the prejudices - the term "kamikaze" means security without compromise and the guarantee of great entertainment. Sky-height start, wild gallop, built-in bumps. The prescribed sliding position for this slide is always lying on the back, feet first position. In view of the high speed one can reach, the slide is designed with a maximum need for security; the construction has a raised brim.

Kamikaze slide

Age group:from 12 to 50 years of age
Length:from 30 m
Start height:from 6 m
Diameter:1000 mm
Slope, descent:10-60%
Arrival:entering the plunge pool, or the end of the slide should be half immersed into the water to reduce the speed this way; it is not recommended building a “braking turtle run” because it requires a minimum of 13 m length.
Water need:100 - 120 m3/ h
Shape:spiral lines

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