Maintenance and operation

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Maintenance and operation

At the onset of spring the cleaning, maintenance, and the starting up of the outdoor waterslides and pools is an essential task requiring thorough work.

Our company undertakes to carry out such tasks continuously, so that the guests can enjoy the time spent in the spa undisturbed.

The following tasks should be carried out once a year before season for spas open only during the summer, and at least twice a year for spas open throughout the year, while the operator is required to record the completion of such tasks.

Maintenance and operation
Maintenance and operation

Tasks prior to each starting up

The dry slide track, the dry pool and its environment should be walked through on foot and checked from the following aspects:

  1. checking the screws of the slide body’s supporting structure, and of the fixing brackets, retightening the screws, replacing any damaged part of the screws;
  2. checking certain parts of the steel structure, particularly the fasteners, checking and repairing their surface, additional surface protection of the corroded parts (repainting, galvanizing);
  3. checking the broken and/or defective joints and seals and replacing them, if necessary (UV-resistant joint mass in tubes);
  4. grinding the positive surface unevenness of some parts of the slide’s connecting joints, then levelling the surface by lamination;
  5. checking the complete internal sliding surface of the slide track and the inner surface of the pool, repairing any surface damage with surface lamination;
  6. scaling, cleaning, and polishing the sliding surface of the slide track and the inner surface of the pool;
  7. cleaning the water injection nozzles at the slide’s starter position (in the start element), replacing them, if necessary, thorough cleaning of the pool’s overflow grating and of the drainage canals;
  8. For multimedia slides, check of the complete system of light effects and other electronic attractions, replacing the defective light sources, if any, checking the proper fixing of the lighting fittings;
  9. In the slides’ starter zone: checking the existence, the integrity, the content of the information boards placed properly per slide type, and the formal and content correctness of the pictograms on such boards;
  10. A professional authority check has to be carried out once in every three years (EMI-TÜV Bayern).

Tasks to be performed on a monthly basis

Cleaning the internal sliding surface of the slide track and the inner surface of the pool with pH-neutral detergent. For this purpose, we recommend using the well-tried TASKI Cristal active detergent (manufactured by Diversey Lever).

Tasks to be performed before each start, on a daily basis

A member of the staff responsible for the safe and proper use of slide takes a test ride during which he checks the following things:

  1. The existence of the prescribed water flow rate (l / min);
  2. The cleanness of inner surface of the slide track;
  3. There should be no overhanging, protruding objects at the semi-enclosed or completely open stretches of the slide track, and at the opening of the slide’s closing parts; such areas should be completely free;
  4. There must not be any kind of solid contaminant (adhesive foil, adhesive plaster, sticking rubber toys, promotional stickers, etc.) on the sliding surface, or on the entire inner wall of the slide track;
  5. The sliding surface must be completely free from scratches and damage;
  6. At the joining of each slide part, the joint should be continuous and intact;

The operation of the slide and the pool, in compliance with the above rules, results in secure and lasting usability.

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