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Family slide

The undisputed favourite of families. The wide, gently sloping slide track with straight lines allows parents to slide down together with their smallest children.

1. Family, width 1800 mm 

Family slide

2. Family, width 2200 mm

Family slide, width 220 cm

3. Family, width 2500 mm

Family slide, width 250 cm

4. Family, width 3000 mm 

Family slide, width 300 cm

5. Family, width 4000 mm 

Family slide, width 400 cm
Age group:from 8 to 70 years of age
Length:from 6 m
Start length:from 1,3 m
Diameter:1800/ 2200/ 2500/ 3000/ 4000 mm
Slope, descent:10-12%
Arrival:entering the plunge pool
Water need:50/ 75/ 90 m3/ h
Shape:straight lines

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