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Elefant slide

Symbols: E-01, E-02

A popular classic. Thanks to the extendable slide track – snout – it can be installed inside the pool and on the edge of the pool. It does not require the wetting of the slide.

Elefant slide can be make in 2 versions:

E-01 VERSION WITHOUT EXTENSION (it can be installed inside the pool)

Elefant without extension (it can be installed inside the pool)

E-02 VERSION WITH EXTENSION (it can be installed on the edge of the pool)

Elefant with extensions

The version with the extension is perfectly suitable to bridge any difference in levels caused by the height of the pool’s wall and/or the overflow grids which form part of the water engineering.

Technical documentation:

Elefant slide
Elefant slide

Height:2120 mm
Width:1100 mm
Length:3495 mm
Slip length:2400 mm
Weight:130 kg


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