Design and construction

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Design and construction

If you are an investor, an operator, or a private client, and you have decided to have a waterslide installed, please contact us and together we will find the best solution for you. Taking your ideas as a starting point, and matching them with your possibilities and the local conditions as far as possible, we will compose the desired waterslides into the environment. On demand, taking the limits of the budget into account, we will offer more options and attach a three-dimensional visualization plan of each option to our offer.

Preliminary design

After identifying the investor’s needs, we will prepare preliminary designs whose results are already tangible: we give the customer complete documentation which includes a description of our concept of implementation, the parameters of the waterslides, complete with visualizations, and our itemized price offer.

Design and construction

Design documentation

If our offer is accepted and after the contract is concluded, the professional and specific design work is started. The first phase of this process is to produce the design documentation necessary for the building permit, unless the builder has obtained a general permit, covering the entire investment, including the creation of slides, as well.

The second phase of the design work is to develop the construction designs.  Our professional designers create a design file containing the following elements:

  • Assembly design of the various parts of the slide made from laminated plastic (fibreglass);
  • The manufacturing and assembly plans of the supporting steel structures;
  • The manufacturing and assembly plans of the start platform and the staircase made primarily from steel;
  • The foundation plans;
  • The structural calculations and the calculation of the loads;
  • Manufacturer's declarations, the declarations of conformity of the used basic and auxiliary materials, certificates, and the various required licenses.

Production of waterslide

The process is closed when the facility is checked and accepted by the competent representative of the authority in charge of supervising and accepting entertainment and leisure facilities. The delivery and acceptance is recorded in minutes; the representative of the authority issues a certificate and an expert opinion to the operator. We obtain the show license and the start-of-use permit; the facility can be put in service in possession of such licences.

The waterslides constructed according to our designs are put in service, then as part of the delivery process we teach the operating personnel how to handle the slide properly, they become familiar with the basic rules of safe operation and accident prevention, and they also must make the users comply with such rules. We install information boards about the proper use and the allowed sliding positions with pictograms (waterslide rules) as indicated in the relevant standards 1 and 2 of MSZ EN-1069.

Design and construction

Use of waterslide

The owner is advised on the winter, as well as the continuous and periodic maintenance works; the waterslides we construct are offered a three-year complete guarantee. Under this guarantee, our experts arrive on site within 48 hours to solve any problem hindering the operation, and to restore smooth and safe operation as quickly as possible.

Based on our many years of experience, we are able to meet more complex design challenges, as well; we undertake to develop special water engineering designs, which affect primarily the installation of pumps to ensure the sliding surface’s wetting, which use the plunge pool’s water and match the existing technology as far as possible. If our commission includes such tasks, we prepare the construction designs for the new plunge pool together with the connecting special documentation - water engineering, power supply, public utilities.

Design and construction

Of course, we undertake to develop complete designs for water parks and indoor aqua parks. For this end, we work with the most famous architects of Central Europe specialized in creating "water fun world".

We are dedicated to provide complete services: you will have no worries, just be thrilled to have a waterslide, this very popular water attraction, installed by a highly professional and specialized company.

Design and construction

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