Please allow us to briefly tell you our company’s history, activities, as well as our current position on the market.

Our company, AMNON POLSKA Sp. z o. o. has participated in all the major thermal and recreational projects implemented within the framework of the Hungarian thermal program right from the beginning. Since 2007, the company has commenced active operations on Polish territory gradually gaining more and more market position.

Within presenting a complete list of references, our company is particularly proud of the jobs completed in Orosháza, Kiskunmajsa, Zalakaros, Pápa, Szigetszentmiklós, Ráckeve, Ajka, and also in Balatonfüred, Siófok, and Szeged, Hungary and in Poland in Bukovina, Kalisz, Termy Cieplice, Zakopane, Lublin, Racibórz.

The capital of the Great Plains, Szeged has opened Aquapolis in spring 2010 and offers the public Europe's currently longest body slide.

We are most proud of our waterslides completed in the Palatinus Outdoor Swimming Pool & Spa and the Roman Outdoor Swimming Pool & Spa, Budapest recently. Within the framework of the project, as ordered by Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt (Spas and Hot Springs of Budapest, Inc) we have surprised the public of the capital with a number of innovations, including the body slide “Turbo” offering nearly 70 km / h speed and extreme rush experience as one of the fastest slides in Europe, at the opening of the 2013 summer season.

In Poland we may boast that we have our slides on thermal complexes (Bucovina Tatrzaska, Termy Cieplickie). Due to the growing sector of hotel facilities, our water slides and attractions for children are becoming more and more popular.

Our company is market leader in the design, manufacture and construction of water-slide systems on the domestic market, so we are in the position to expand in the direction of the neighbouring countries now.

On the Polish market our company has strengthened the position and in Hungary, our company is the only one whose activities cover the whole process of creating waterslides, from the decision to construct a slide to the turnkey project - from the idea to the implementation.

In our design offices, the design documentation is created in a professional manner as the optimal compromise of the operator’s needs and opportunities, the local conditions and the safety standards.

The most modern manufacturing technology, used by our company, is a process allowing to create fully closed laminated slide bodies without horizontal joints, a technology which is able to increase the sliding experience and the comfort of sliding to a maximum – the primary need on the part of the pool guests – and minimize the risk of accidents – the priority on the operator's part.

The basis of the fibreglass technology is provided by layers of polyester resin reinforced with fibre glass, which is extremely durable and results in a slide body that is resistant to UV radiation, water, and practically to the various mechanical damages such as cracks and wear.

Whether you are an investor or an individual customer, we are at your kind service. Please contact us through one of the methods we have indicated.

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