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Anakonda ø 1000; „U” profile

One of the best-known slide types of aqua parks. It can be a real spectacle in the Spa, because its lines are harmonious and attractive. Due to its slope less than 10% it deservedly enjoys immense popularity. One of its attractive features is that even young children can use it. The three different diameters (Ø1.0m, Ø1.2m, Ø1.4m) we offer allow the guests to use the slide with 2-3-4 person rubber rings.

Anaconda open ø 600

2. Anakonda ø 1000; profile of 2/3 circles

Anakonda ø 1000; profile of 2/3 circles

3. Anakonda ø 1000; „U” profile

Anakonda ø 1000; „U” profile

Age group:from 8 to 70 years of age
Speed:slight, medium
Length:from 20m
Start height:from 2 m
Diameter:1000/1200/1400 mm
Slope, descent:8-13%
Arrival:entering the plunge pool or the “braking turtle run”
Water need:120 m3/h
Shape:spiral lines

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